Glenn Vaughn Auto Restoration Center

As an option during our DeLorean Driving Tour, you have the opportunity to stop at one of the most reputable full service restoration ship in the northwest.  For 25 years, Glenn Vaughn Car Restoration Services has been restoring automobiles from concourse quality show pieces to daily drivers, from factory correct restoration to hot-rods and muscle cars.  The team at Glenn Vaughn Car Restoration possesses the talent and know-how towards in creating a quality vehicle.

Located in the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho area, Noah Reaves and Randell Schultz stepped in as the new owners and operators in September, 2014. They believe in keeping the same level of high quality craftsmanship that our customers have come expect.  Noah graduated from the Car Repair and Collision Program at North Idaho College in 2002 and has worked at Glenn Vaughn Restoration since then.  Randell has over 20 years experience in auto mechanics and has worked at Glenn Vaughn restoring fine automobiles since 2011.

Noah and Randell are looking forward in meeting with our DeLorean Expo group to take a peek at some of the exciting restoration projects they are currently working on.   If you like old cars, you will enjoy visiting the Glenn Vaughn Restoration Services.

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